A crown (or cap) is a dental restoration that covers the top surface of a tooth. It is referred to as an indirect restoration as it is fabricated outside of the mouth, instead of being built in layers directly into the teeth like a filling. The restoration is attached with dental cement.

More effective than fillings in reinforcing teeth to withstand biting forces, crowns are also more resistant to further decay. If a tooth’s original structure is too compromised to support a filling, these indirect restorations can provide fantastic, long-lasting, beautiful results.

A fixed bridge is a dental restoration to that is fixed to surrounding teeth. The bridge fills (bridges) the gap left by the missing teeth, preventing the surrounding teeth from moving into the gap and becoming misaligned.

In cases where the surrounding teeth are strong enough to support the bridge, a fixed bridge is an excellent solution to maintain alignment and create a beautiful smile. A fixed bridge is a less invasive treatment than a dental implant and it can perfectly match the color of the surrounding teeth.

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