Our Office

Welcome to the Lonsdale Quay Dental Centre. As a new patient, you will come here with various past dental experiences and certain expectations. We want you to understand at the start what we are trying to accomplish and what to expect in our office.

Modern dentistry is exciting and highly technical, but there should be no mystery to it. Our goal is to establish and maintain good dental health for our patients. To reach this goal we have a role and you have a role.

Our part is:

  1. To provide the highest quality dental care possible.
  2. To provide treatment in such a way that you are as comfortable as possible.
  3. To inform you of what treatment is needed and why, and what treatment is available.



Your part is:

  1. To help us by keeping your teeth and gums clean and maintaining good oral health habits.
  2. To keep appointments (the time is very valuable, and we require 48 hours notice if cancellation is necessary).
  3. To keep informed, be aware of your dental coverage (if you have a dental plan).

In our office, we will always make sure you are comfortable. We have t.v.’s and music to help you relax. Please feel free to use them. Always remember when work is being done, you are in control.

No procedure we do is that complicated that we cannot stop. If anything bothers you we will stop and ensure you are comfortable before we continue.

A vital part of your treatment here is a regular maintenance recall program. We will keep track of when you are due for your check-up, for your convenience. This program will be tailor-made to your health needs.

We will contact you for your regular cleaning appointment. You must understand that regular dental check-ups are the ‘key’ to reduce dental problems and the cost in the long run.

Make no mistake, preventive dentistry works! In fact, modern dentistry’s reduction in dental disease is one of the great success stories in the health field.

Modern dentistry allows us to have a dramatic impact on function, appearance and health that directly affects the quality of life. That is a big statement, but it is true.

Remember what we do every day: we eat, we speak, and we smile. Our dental health effects us socially, in business, and helps determine how we see ourselves and how others see us.

Thank you for choosing to come to our office. We appreciate your confidence in us and we will help you in every way we can.