Our goal is the protection and safety of our staff and patients while providing the highest quality of dental care.

We start by following the guidelines set out by Dr. Bonnie Henry and:

  1. College of Dental Surgeons of BC
  2. BC Dental Association.
  3. BC Centers of Disease Control.
  4. Work Safe BC.

This includes following evidence-based science for maximum infection protection. Therefore, ALL STAFF are VACCINATED for COVID-19.

Here is what to expect at the Lonsdale Quay Dental Centre:

On contact on the phone and at the office a patient is pre-screened:

  1. Covid 19 Questionnaire
  2. Covid 19 Office Protocol

Any patient with Covid 19 (positive test, symptoms, suspected contacts, or travel) will not enter our office, and treatment will be deferred for a minimum of 14 days, or until a negative test result.  Emergency care of Covid 19 positive patients will be deferred, referred to a special clinic, or treated when no other patients are in the office (for example at the end of the day).

Remember, our office is not an ICU at a hospital treating Covid 19 positive patients.  We are pre-screening, and taking precautions and treating only asymptomatic Covid 19 negative patients.  Rapid tests and quality of testing is rapidly improving and will continue to reduce risks.

At our office, patients will only enter when we are ready to see them.

  1. One or two patients may be allowed at times in our reception, at 6 feet physical distance.
  2. Wear a mask in our office.
  3. Do not touch surfaces.
  4. Use Hand Sanitizer provided.
  5. Blood Oxygen level may be taken (optional).
  6. Temperature on forehead will be taken.
  7. Patients will be escorted directly to their private treatment room. We will try to provide minimum contact in reception area with other patients.
  8. In the treatment room, a questionnaire is reviewed or completed and signed.
  9. Pre-rinse will be done with “Antiviral Hydrogen Peroxide” mouth rinse.
  10. Certain procedures may be modified at your appointment (and subject to change).
  11. PPE is worn by staff, appropriate for the specific procedures.
  12. After treatment, patients are dismissed.
  13. Directly EXIT the office, OR report to Reception and appointment arrangements. This contact time will be kept to a minimum.

We will provide the same high quality customer service you are accustomed to.  However, other than the valuable clinical time in your private treatment room, your time in the office and at reception will be short and isolated from staff and other patients at this time.

We must be safe, please be a “patient patient”.  We are doing our best for you.

Further guidelines:

  1. Our staff is being asked as health care workers, to continue to social distance in and out of our office, and minimize the number of social contacts outside their “bubble” of family and friends.
  2. Staff pre-screen daily, when reporting to work.
  3. Sterilization and Surface Disinfection:
    • Instruments are sterilized following the College of Dental Surgeons infection control guidelines.
    • Equipment and surfaces are also disinfected following the College of Dental Surgeons guidelines.
    • In addition, our office undergoes daily, what is termed “Fogging” with Hypochlourous Acid. This spray, or “Fog” of HOCI particles float suspended in the air, and then settle to cover all surfaces in the office.  This provides a further level of antiviral disinfection of air and contact surfaces in the entire office in addition to our surface disinfection routine.  (You may sense a smell of mild chlorine, as you would near a swimming pool.)


  1. Hard Surface Disinfection Protocol – HOCI.
  2. Information regarding your upcoming dental appointment.
  3. Questionnaire Medical = specific to Covid 19.
  4. Updates August 12:
  5. BCDA – response to WHO CDA public statement
  6. CDA – BCDA Public statement